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Inspection Toolbox helps your business achieve its full potential by improving workflow efficiency and customer service. A mobile, cloud based program means real time communication with field officers for improved data integrity, secure storage of your data accessible anywhere you have an internet connection and immediate reports for your clients. By eliminating the need for paper based systems and storage, Inspection Toolbox can save you up to 60% in administrative time and costs.

Our Solution


Complete inspections from anywhere on any mobile or tablet. Information can be recorded quickly, including photos, location and more. Working in the cloud, you can always access information and reports for each job.



Make Inspection Toolbox your own by including your company logo, report templates and action lists.

Faster turnaround

Compress the lifecycle time from deployment to final report by up to 60%. Update task lists, request additional information and notify relevant stakeholders of key milestones, all in the cloud.

Instant reports

Detailed reports are generated at the touch of a button. Customise and share them with your team and clients as soon as the job is completed. All reports are stored in the cloud for easy access and review.

Collect better data

Your admin team can update templates and information requests in real time and you can create follow up action lists on the go, to make sure you are collecting the right information the first time.



“WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff had to deliver 2400 house inspection reports for a mining house in Western Australia. The project schedule was very tight, necessitating approximately 600 completed inspections and reports per month. The Inspection Toolbox software allowed WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff to deliver this project within time, below budget and within scope. The software allowed the inspectors to only focus on inspections, with real-time data coming back to the office for desktop review and approvals. Report turnaround times were exceptional, with reports being generated automatically after being reviewed. Administration costs were significantly reduced and the software allowed WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff to do the inspections more efficiently than could be done using other systems, translating to around 50% reduction in project costs. The software also supported the mobilisation logistics of inspectors and the scheduling and assigning of jobs.”
~ WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff, David Bryden, Principal Structural Engineer

“We do fuel facility audits for our customers and previously spent about 60% of the audit on administration, including report writing. This program eliminates the need to take notes onsite in a not so ideal environment, take photos with a separate device and collate a final report once back in the office. The solution completely eliminated the administration, resulting in an estimated 60% cost saving. All reports are customisable, automatically generated, available online and can be forwarded to the client almost immediately after final review.”

~ Fuelfix, Sande Simpson, Technical Support Manager

“The solution provided a real time link between subject matter experts and field crews and ensured 100% data integrity across the whole job lifecycle. It also allowed online collaboration around job data, making the escalation and turnaround of issues very quick. We saved at least 50% of our normal expected costs on our project and managed the project operations and logistics with 5 employees doing planning, scheduling and data reviewing, as opposed to our previous administration requiring up to 17 administration staff for the same project size.”

~ Logsys Power Services, Dave Spangenberg, Principal Structural Engineer

“Wave International utilises the software for internal HR employee inductions and training. The company did not have to invest capital in an online learning management system, as the software is a pay per use model, deploys in the cloud, and is very quick to deploy. The solution is ideal for us to manage our training compliance requirements, and reports are immediately available after the inductions are run.”

~ WAVE International, Bert Prinsloo, Director Strategic Business








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